Logo Of Crowdfunding Platform AxiaFunder

AxiaFunder Review 2022

AxiaFunder Review 2022 – Invest In Litigation Cases: Potential Returns Up To 20% Annually Contents What Is AxiaFunder? AxiaFunder is a crowdfunding platform in the

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Logo Of P2P Investment Platform Lendermarket

Lendermarket Review 2022

Lendermarket is a P2P investment platform connecting borrowers from Europe with investors. For example, a borrower who wants a loan applies with one of the Creditstar Group subsidiaries. Once approved, the loan is placed on Lendermarket where investors can fund borrowers’ loans. These (mostly short-term) loans originate from Creditstar and are covered by a buyback guarantee; all of them have a fixed annual rate of 14%. You can either invest as a private individual or as a company. While Lendermarket itself is a new kid on the block (2019), the Creditstar Group was established in 2006 and is therefore one of the oldest loan originators, operating in 8 countries with over 800.000 customers.

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Logo Of P2P Investment Platform EstateGuru

EstateGuru Review 2022

EstateGuru Review 2022 – 11.72% Returns On Loans Backed By Real Estate Contents What Is EstateGuru? EstateGuru is a marketplace for short-term, real estate backed

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Logo Of P2P Investment Platform VIAINVEST

VIAINVEST Review 2022: P2P Platform With 11% Annual Returns

VIAINVEST is a peer-to-peer investment platform in Europe. This Fintech company is operating from Latvia, is part of the larger VIA SMS Group which started its operations in 2009. It is operating in 7 countries, amongst others, Spain, Sweden and Poland, has over 220 employees and has issued its bonds on the Nasdaq OMX Baltic stock exchange market. Although not as popular and well known as its competitors, like for instance Mintos, is has been a stable and very profitable company over the last couple of years. The VIAINVEST platform offers loans from consumers who borrowed money from one of the 7 companies under the VIA SMS Group umbrella. As an investor you can, simply put, invest in these loans by refinancing them and earn as much as 12% on a yearly basis.

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Logo Of P2P Comparison Site Valiqo

Cashback Offers 2022

Peer-to-peer lending cashback offers and sign-up bonuses can give you an extra boost when you start to invest.

Listed below are our best rated peer-to-peer platforms. You either get a fixed fee when signing up, a percentage of the fee you are investing and in some cases even both. It is a selection of the P2P investment platforms we have reviewed on the site, the best offer is on top. If you click on learn more, you’ll immediately go to the platform you’d like to invest on.

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Logo Of P2P Investment Platform PeerBerry

PeerBerry Review 202

PeerBerry is more than a usual P2P investment platform, it is a marketplace for pre-funded loans. Multiple loan originators list consumer and business loans on the PeerBerry marketplace. This way, investors can diversify between various countries and loan types. The minimum investment starts with 10 EUR per loan and yearly returns average around 12%.

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Logo Of P2P Investment Platform Mintos

Mintos Review 2022 – Up to 12% Annual Returns

Mintos is a peer-to-peer investment marketplace that connects alternative lending companies with investors all over the world. It is actually not offering these loans itself, but is a “third person” connecting over 65 lending originators with over 240.000 investors. Mintos is the world leader when it comes to peer-to-peer lending. When using this market place an investor can get multiple loans, most of them with a buyback guarantee, with a return on investment varying from 6 to 20 percent on a yearly basis. You can either invest as a private individual or as a company.

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Logo Of P2P Investment Platform Robocash

Robocash Review 2022

The Robocash Group originated in Russia in 2013, but Robocash as a P2P platform started operations in 2017 with its headquarters in Croatia. It is similar to VIAINVEST in the sense that Robocash is both the loan orginator as well as operating its own marketplace. It offers borrowers micro consumer loans in Europe as well as Asia, both off- and online. For investors, the main products to invest in are short-term and installment loans with a buyback guarantee, and a fully automated process. Annual rates range from 11 to 14 percent. You can invest as a private individual or as a company.

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